Hello! I am Yu Qian, the Events & Partnership Manager at SCL Student Bytes. You can call me Qian if you wish to.

Who I am

I am a final year LLB student from the LSE and am originally from Malaysia.

I have always been interested in transactional work because of the complexities and its fast-paced nature. As I do more of my routine commercial awareness readings, I started to realise how prominent technology transactions have become. A lot of deals that made it to the headlines are technology-related. This is more of the case as a result of the global pandemic. Upon this realisation, I become driven to learn more about this area and the law surrounding it.

Last year, when I interned at the Technology, Media and Telecommunications team at a commercial law firm, I had the opportunity to gain more insights into the intricacies of the area. ย For instance, as I research about the legal landscape of e-signatures in Malaysia, I noticed numerous unresolved questions on the use of e-signatures in transactions. As such, I want to strengthen my understanding of the interaction between law and technology, such as competition law's regulation of ย  activities carried out by Big Tech companies.

What I do

I will be working closely with Netty and Natalie on organising law tech and/or tech law events for students, accessible by both law and non-law students from various backgrounds.