Hello! I'm Sheryl, the Junior Editor for Technology Law, Policy & Regulation at SCL Student Bytes.

Who I am

Originally from Hong Kong, I am a final year law student at Durham University.

My interest in technology first started in high school, where I enjoyed hobbies such as robotics, technical theatre, and live streaming. I previously coordinated a team that was responsible for the live streaming of school events and was also a semi-finalist in the 2016 Hong Kong championships for VEX Robotics. For a time, I also dabbled in programming and learned Java so that I could build mini games such as Flappy Bird on my computer.

As a student ambassador for SCL and the Durham European Law Institute, I am able to learn more about the relationship between law and technology, and the issues that arise in its regulation. Last summer, I worked as part of a team to create a chatbot that could help students distinguish whether their rental agreement is a lease or a license, and advise them on their corresponding legal rights. I am currently working as a legal intern at an educational technology start-up in Hong Kong. This has provided an opportunity for me to learn more about the intellectual property issues that start-up companies encounter on a daily basis.

As a League of Legends enthusiast, I hope to pursue a career as a solicitor in the video game and interactive entertainment industry.

What I do

Alongside proofreading and editing the work of student contributors, I will be assisting Conor and Andrew to set the direction of the Technology Law, Policy & Regulation section of the website. I will be involved with the podcast, Making Sense of Tech Law, and will be helping with content development, posting schedules, and contributor engagement.