We are proud to release our second episode of the Making Sense of Tech Law series! This episode features our conversation with Jacob Turner of Fountain Court Chambers on the issues surrounding the use of predictive policing, in particular the explainability of AI decision making, potential legal or non-legal solutions, and whether AI ought to be bestowed with legal personhood.

Find the transcript here: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1zDer0g13FpqsMJXE6qtDh4I7o6RYOAlh/view?usp=sharing

Timestamps for the podcast below:

  • 0:07 Introducing Jacob Turner and overview of current use of predictive policing
  • 05:36 Is there negative stigmatisation of such AI technologies?
  • 07:48 Is increasing complexity of AI an issue?
  • 10:23 How should AI be regulated? Hard/soft laws, sector-specific solutions, public/private use distinction, balance struck in UK and EU, alternatives to legislation)
  • 24:15 Legal personhood of AI discussed within 'Robot Rules'
  • 29:25 Would AI liability serve justice for possible victims of discriminatory facial recognition? Accountability and notions of justice
  • 35:24 Public outrage's impact on AI use
  • 37:14 Roundup of topics discussed and Jacob's solicitor advocate Journey
  • 42:07: Switch to Bar and differences in skills used