Hi everyone! My name is Anastasia; I'm the Audio-Visual Content Lead at SCL Student Bytes.

Who I am:

I'm currently a second-year law student at King's College London. In my first year I joined KCL Blockchain, where I attended and helped organise events like with Nivaura on the word’s first blockchain-denominated bond. As a result, I began understanding truly how big of an opportunity we have to shape the way we use disruptive technologies, and how much of an impact we can leave on the legal industry using them.

Hence, my goal as Audio-Visual Content Lead is to provide accessible ways for everyone to understand and develop a long-term interest in these technologies, thus helping to inspire this change. I’ve begun doing so as Editor-in-Chief for KCL Blockchain, where I work on organising panels, workshops, and news roundups on recent technological advancements. Over the summer, I’ll work with a start-up called BigMochi which helps migrant workers take care of their families using blockchain, as well as assist in legal research on regulating Artificial Intelligence.

I am also interested in philosophy (particularly that of language) and cognitive psychology, having written a dissertation on how the media psychologically affects our perceptions of terrorism and on whether Artificial Intelligence should have rights.

What I do:

I’ll be working with Bryher and Conor, our LawTech and and Technology Law Senior Editors, to produce:

  • videos
  • podcasts
  • quizzes
  • any other interactive content!

If you would like to collaborate with us or have your work published on Student Bytes, send us an email over to editors@bytes.scl.org and we’ll be in touch!

Really looking forward to you getting to know our team and hearing your suggestions!