Hi everyone,

We are pleased to announce the release of our new stream "LawTech Industry Insiders". This will feature collaborative interviews with those from inside the legal industry.

Here, you can find out how LawTech products work, what LawTech is being used law firms, where the LawTech community is heading, and more!

The list below is a preview of the interviews that will be coming to Student Bytes over the next few weeks:

  • Alex Wooley from Formily
  • Adam Hunter, IGNITE Trainee Solicitor from Clifford Chance
  • Tom Grogan from Mischon De Reya
  • April Brousseau, Global Lead from Clifford Chance Create & Innovation
  • Sam Spivack from BRYTER
  • Mary Bonsor from F-LEX
  • Alice Gossop from Avvoka
  • Martin Davidson from ThoughtRiver
  • Rebecca Baker from the Legal Technologist

Our regular contributors will be given the opportunity to take part in and interview legal professionals from law firms and technology companies. This is a great opportunity to network and to enhance your CV!

If you think this is something of interest to you, then head over to our contribute page to sign up now!

We hope that you enjoy the upcoming interviews!

If you are a legal professional or LawTech company that would like to be featured on Student Bytes, please email editors@bytes.scl.org and one of our editors will happily set up an interview with you.