1. The Law Society Lawtech Adoption Report

The Law Society Lawtech Adoption Report is an excellent primer on the current LawTech landscape in the UK. It is an essential piece of reading for anyone at the start of their LawTech learning journey.

2. Crafty Counsel Video Library

Crafty Counsel has a number of free videos that cover a number of LawTech topics. The videos are short and are designed to offer high level introductions into LawTech.

3. LegalGeek WTF Articles

Short articles that cover a broad range of LawTech topics. Great if you want to learn more about a specific topic.

4. Lawtech UK

A partnership between Tech Nation and the Law Society Lawtech panel. Lawtech UK's website offers an overview of the current UK landscape, all presented with easy to understand visual elements.

5. BamLegal

Legal Engineering Consultant Catherine Bamford has an Instagram account where she posts short videos on key LawTech topics.