We write to you from a strange new reality, when Mark O’Conor, Chair of the SCL (Society for Computers and Law), suggested that 2020 would be a good year for tech law, few could have realised just how important technology would become as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The recent surge in e-signature adoption, online video conferencing, and remote working offer a further example that be it push or pull, technology will continue to drive society forward. For students, a good grasp on the regulatory challenges of technology and the use of technology by law firms is becoming increasingly essential.

For the SCL, the theme of 2020 is that of “The Future Technology Lawyer”.

This theme is however nothing without students, those currently aspiring to pursue a career as solicitors, barristers and academics – are the very definition of future (technology) lawyers.

The SCL currently offers a number of student opportunities, but we know we can do more. That’s why we’re excited to launch SCL Student Bytes – an online content platform run by and aimed at the student population.

We plan to produce content covering everything from hot legal technology topics such as smart contracts and predictive analytics, to technology regulation issues. If it fits under the banner of Tech Law or Law Tech – we’re interested.

To begin, we’re looking for content contributors – here’s what we can offer students in return:

  • Unrivalled opportunities to produce content in collaboration with respected lawyers in the TMT sector
  • The chance to have particularly strong content published in the Computers and Law magazine – one of the industry’s leading publications

What are we asking for in return?

Simply, a commitment to producing high-quality content. We’re especially keen to move beyond the medium of written communication. Therefore, we’d be excited to hear from students who are interested in producing audio-visual content.

Interested? Get in touch by emailing editors@bytes.scl.org

All the best

The SCL Student Bytes team.