Hi – I’m Bryher, Director and Senior Editor (Legal Technology) at SCL Student Bytes.

Who I am

I’m a recent law graduate from the University of Bristol. Throughout university, I sat on the editorial team of Bristol Law Review. I worked with the other editors, students and faculty to publish the first copy of the Review. Since graduation, I have worked as an Associate at a Legal Tech company called F-LEX Legal. Here, I have worked as a Candidate Co-ordinator and sat in the Commercial Development team. I worked to support all the commercial aspects of the business from project management, to development and marketing. I currently work as a paralegal in the Vodafone UK Data Protection & Privacy Team. Here, I enssure that all aspects of Vodaofne products and services are compliant with the GDPR.

Having developed a keen interest in the technology sector, I became qualified in Front End Web Development using HTML, CSS, JavaScript and Python. I am particularly interested in how these skills can be utilised by law firms to increase their overall productivity and add value to the legal sector.

Other than working at F-LEX and Vodafone, I have recently completed a vacation scheme at Travers Smith and other work experience/paralegal roles including Kier Group PLC, Osbornes Law, and Simpkins and Co. I have also worked at pro-bono projects such as Bristol Law Clinic and the Citizen’s Advice Bureau. Further, I have enjoyed conducting policy research for the Human Rights Implementation Centre. I will be going travelling before looking to secure a training contract at a commercial law firm.

What I do

At SCL, I manage the Editorial team who work with our student writers to produce all the content for SCL Student Bytes.

My responsibilities include supporting and managing all student contributors; setting the editorial direction for all Legal Tech coverage; proofing work; and occasionally producing some content of my own. I also work to produce interactive content for our members in conjunction with our Audio-Visual Lead as well as conducting interviews for the "Industry Insides" articles.

If you have any ideas or wish to become a Content Writer for SCL Student Bytes, please contact me at editors@bytes.scl.org or head over to our ‘Contribute’ page for more details!

I’m excited for you to meet the rest of the SCL Student Bytes team over the next few weeks.

Keep your eyes peeled for their incoming articles!